Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Aviation school conducts admission tour

Hyderabad: Carver Aviation, a Pune-based flight school, organised an admission tour in the city. The academy’s trainers told students that the sector was expectedto have a high growth in the future. India would be the third biggest aviation market in the world by 2020 with 1,174 aircraft and 285 helicopters, Carver’s trainers told the students.

Pilot-training and aircraft maintenance would be covered as part of the course. Training would be given on single-engine and multi-engine aircraft. A total of 200 hours of pilot-training is mandatory for any candidate to apply for the post of commercial pilot. The aviation school charges Rs. 26 lakh for single-engine flight-training and Rs. 28.5 lakh for multi-engine training. The college had produced 12 commercial pilot trainees in the past six months.
27/06/17 The Hindu