Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bad weather disrupts landing of flights at Udaipur airport

The weather on Monday was a most welcome one causing happiness all around. But this is not so when it comes to flights. This kind of weather causes landing trouble for the flights. Flights coming in from New Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur could not land at Maharana Pratap Airport on Monday evening.
Indigo Airline flight departing to New Delhi and Jet Airways flight that comes from Mumbai and also another flight that comes from Jaipur could not land at Udaipur airport because of wind and heavy rain. These flights were diverted as a result the passengers suffered. Jet airways flight which leaves for Mumbai was diverted to Ahmedabad. Passengers for the Mumbai flight were sent to Ahmedabad via road route. Jaipur flight was also diverted back to Jaipur. Indigo flight Mumbai-Udaipur-Delhi was also diverted. Since the weather was troublesome, all flights from and to Mumbai were diverted to Ahmedabad. Passengers coming to Udaipur from Mumbai had to deboard at Ahmedabad. All passengers were highly irritated due to lack of arrangements for their onward journeys. Almost 180 passengers going to Delhi from Udaipur through Indigo airline were later sent to Ahmedabad through road route by the authorities.
27/06/17 Monika S/Udaipur Times