Friday, June 30, 2017

Boeing '797' doesn't exist yet. One airline already says it wants it first

It's still nearly a decade away, but airlines are jockeying for position to get first dibs on Boeing's new "797" airliner.
The chief executive of Norwegian Air Shuttle said in an interview Wednesday that the fast-growing low-cost airline was very interested in Boeing's new twin-aisle jet currently on the drawing board.
"Yes, we definitely want to be first in line," said Bjørn Kjos, Norwegian Air Shuttle CEO in Seattle.
Last week, Boeing (BA) used the Paris Air Show to tease the first details about its new medium range twin-aisle jet. The jet would be designed to fit between its single-aisle 737 Max and its long-range 787 Dreamliner. Industry leaders call it the "Boeing 797."
Kjos said he expected Boeing to start taking orders for the new jet in 2018. It wouldn't be ready until 2025.
United Airlines (UAL), Alaska Airlines (ALK), Delta Air Lines (DAL) and India's SpiceJet have said they're interested in the 797.
29/06/17 Jon Ostrower/CNN Money