Friday, June 23, 2017

Hyderabad’s RGIA to enhance security

A glaring gap in the security of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, classified as one of the hyper sensitive airports in the country from the terror threat perspective, is finally being addressed.

The Cyberabad police, which has been of the view that the airport’s primary runway was visible to anyone outside the compound wall since the wall was not of the required height, have convinced the GMR officials, who run the airport, to initiate remedial measures.

The decision to go for an enhanced layer of security came after a recent high level meeting between police and GMR officials in the wake of recent alerts from central intelligence agencies on potential threats from terror modules to the country’s vital installations.

According to a senior official, it was the 4,260 metre-primary runway of RGIA that was prone to attacks, courtesy the low compound wall. The 3,707 metre-long parallel runway was used only in case of emergencies or when the first one was shut down for maintenance.
23/06/17 Telangana Today