Friday, June 30, 2017

Indian American Professor Claims He Was Racially Profiled by Delta Airlines

An Indian American professor at Iowa State University was accused of child trafficking June 20, as he and his toddler son – who is Caucasian – attempted to board a flight in Atlanta, Georgia.

Arriving from Des Moines, Iowa, at 6 a.m., Lakshman Rajagopal, an assistant professor in the Hospitality Management department at ISU, was stopped by Delta Airlines employees in Atlanta. He was then subjected to severe questioning, as reported by WHOTV News in Iowa.

Rajagopal told the news station he was asked: “Who’s this, who are you traveling with and where are you going? What’s your relationship with this child?”

The professor – who is a single father – told airline employees that the child was his adopted son.

He was told that a flight attendant aboard his flight from Des Moines had reported his behavior as suspicious to the pilot, who then called Delta Airlines at the airport in Atlanta, where employees were waiting for Rajagopal.
The academician’s allegedly suspicious activity consisted of asking for a different seat that would allow him more room for his son, and “looking nervous” as he made the request.

Rajagopal told WHO TV he was humiliated by the incident. "After my experience, I don’t know if I want to fly Delta,” he said, noting that he was scared to take his return flight on June 28.
29/06/17 Sunita Sohrabji/India West