Sunday, June 18, 2017

Staff offer sacrifice to save sinking Maharaja

New Delhi: While the Government is moving towards disinvestment of Air India, the employees of the national carrier are ready to make personal sacrifice to prevent strategic sell of the debt-ridden 64-year-old ‘Maharaja”.

Alarmed by the news that the Cabinet note is already ready for Air India’s stake sell, 21,137 employees of Air India and its subsidiaries have offered to forgo a part of their salaries, perks, and other monetary benefits to save the country’s biggest air carrier.

Some of them have written directly to the office of CMD of Air India Ashwani Lohani saying it is time for them to make some sacrifice for the company which has given them so much in life.

“I wish to contribute a mere drop in the vast ocean of Rs50,000 crore debt by forgoing my transportation claims for the past two years that amounts to more than Rs2 lakh,” writes Anyanada Joshi, a senior crew member .

However, they are also ready to launch a major protest against the stake sale if their offer is not considered.
Joshi, who was one of the crew member of the historic International Women’s Day flight to San Francisco this March, has further stated that she always believed paying back her due to society she lives in. “Air india  has been my family, my society where I feel the sense of belonging. The airline has given me 14 years of memories and glory to cherish in,” Joshi added.

Some other employees have even dispatched hand-made crafts, paintings, artifacts, and name plates for the CMD. These have now been displayed in the corridors of the AI headquarters, Airlines House.

A senior AI official pointed out that unlike in the past when the employees turned belligerent in the face of even minor policy changes, this is perhaps for the first time that when talks of divestment are at advance stage the employees have remained calm and poise.
18/06/17 Deepak Kumar Jha/Daily Pioneer