Monday, July 17, 2017

After crack on windscreen, Indigo tells passengers to de-board aircraft

Pune: Just as an Indigo flight was readying for take off from the Pune airport, its pilot noticed an 'operational snag' and passengers had to be deboarded at the last minute. Sources claim the snag was a crack in the aircraft's windscreen.
The flight (Indigo 6E 148) was to take off at 11.40am on Sunday and passengers had begun boarding the aircraft when the technical glitch was announced. 170 passengers were scheduled to take the flight.
Manish Purohit, who had dropped his mother-in-law at the airport earlier in the day, said she called to tell him that passengers already seated in the plane were asked to get off the aircraft. "My mother-in-law said the passengers were taken back to the airport and had to wait for nearly two more hours before they were told that the flight had been cancelled due to a technical glitch.The ground staff also told them that they were welcome to either take a refund or wait to be adjusted on a different flight," Purohit added.
"It was a hassle as none of the staffers were providing information and she panicked because she had a connecting flight to Lucknow from Delhi," Purohit added.
17/07/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India