Monday, July 03, 2017

Air India Delhi bound flight takes off with faulty ACs, leaves flyers gasping for oxygen

New Delhi: It was a flight straight from hell for the passengers of AI 880 that took off from Bagdogra airport this afternoon at 1:50pm and landed in New Delhi at 4:05pm.
Passengers onboard the flight were left breathless, as the air-conditioning system on the flight wasn't working.
Passengers speaking exclusively to India Today said they discovered even before take off that the AC wasn't functioning. But when they brought this to the notice of the Air India staff, they were told that the system would work just fine after the flight takes off.
But that didn't happen.
For the next two hours, they relied on whatever they could get their hands on - from newspapers to instruction manuals - to keep themselves from sweating and suffocating.
Some passengers like Debasmita, an asthama patient, were horrified further. "When I realised that the AC wasn't working and the oxygen masks were of no help, I asked for the oxygen cylinder since I could barely breathe. That's when I learnt that even the oxygen cylinder was empty,", she narrated to India Today.
Passengers complain that nobody responded to their repeated pleas and even when they landed in Delhi, and wished to speak to Air India authorities, nobody came forward to offer them a listening ear or even apologise for the inconvenience caused.
02/06/17 Poulomi Saha/India Today