Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Air India no no non veg policy: Vistara takes this smart jibe at the Maharaja

New Delhi: With tongue firmly in cheek, Air Vistara has taken a jibe at national carrier Air India today announcing that it will cease to serve chicken to its passengers in the economy class as a cost saving measure. AI is struggling under a massive tens of thousands of crores worth of debt and is looking to save where possible. While saving costs is a must-do for every organisation, and more so for beleaguered Air India, after all it is facing the prospect of being sold off to a private entity due to its inability to get its house in order, but taking meat away from the plates of hungry flesh-eating passengers is hardly going to receive a thumbs up from them. Coming to the same conclusion was Air Vistara, which released a cheeky ad that said, “At @airvistara, we leave the choice to you!”  It ended the sentence with a smiley too! What is more, while Air India has banned chicken from the menu from the economy class, it is still providing the option to the pricier business and first class passengers. Not surprisingly, echoes of bias have found their way onto the social media.
Air Vistara, on the other hand, is a premium airline and it has quickly acquired a reputation for good, if not great, service. And yes, it is not known for this kind of adventurous behaviour where it has turned quite personal in taking on a rival airline in an attempt to draw passengers to its side of the counter and away from Air India. However, the airline business is quite cutthroat and losses can quickly spiral out of control and the best example of that ifs Air India. of course, the case of Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines too is quite fresh in everyone’s mind. So, it should not really be a surprise that Air Vistara has taken this route to pad up its bottomline. And, it will surely get full marks for its quick move to take advantage, leaving other more nimble rivals way behind.
10/07/17 Financial Express