Saturday, July 22, 2017

Amarinder Singh Extends Legal Help To Two 1981 Hijackers

Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh today directed the state's legal aid team to extend help to two Sikhs facing possibilities of 'double jeopardy' in the hijacking of an Indian Airlines plane to Lahore 36 years ago.

While the hijacking was condemnable, any attempt to prosecute the two, who had already completed life terms in Pakistan for the crime, would amount to a serious travesty of justice, he said in a statement, adding that this could tantamount to "double jeopardy".

He said he has directed the legal aid team of the home department to extend legal help to the two, if required.

Saying he did not want to go into the merits of the case since it was sub-judice, Mr Singh pointed out that 36 years was a long time, especially considering that their life term would not have been more than 14 years.

The Srinagar-bound Indian Airlines plane with 107 passengers and six crew members was hijacked and taken to Lahore in September, 1981.
21/07/17 PTI/NDTV