Monday, July 24, 2017

Battered airport parking lot needs a fix

Chennai: It will take two more months for a new contractor to take over the mess that is the parking lot at Chennai airport. It is currently maintained by a company under an extension of contract, after the tender process to select a new company was delayed by more than year.

Airports Authority of India (AAI) had issued a termination notice to the current contractor, and asked the company to hand over the parking lot within a month, but the contractor approached the Madras high court asking for more time to vacate. The high court stayed the termination notice that AAI had issued. A senior official of AAI said, "The contractor challenged the order in court, saying they should be given time to vacate.The court has given the existing company three months time to vacate." The new contractor, a Mumbai company, was awarded the contract to operate the car parking lot and entry exit booths of the airport.
The extension of the contract of the existing company on a monthly basis due to the delayed tender has prevented the contractor from maintaining and repairing the fee collection booths. An official said the condition of the booths has an adverse effect on the image of the airport because it is the first things visitors see on arrival.
24/07/17 Times of India