Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Choosing a seat of your choice can cost you up to Rs 1200 per flight

Unbundling' of airline services were hailed as something that will dramatically reduce the money you paid for your air tickets. However, two years since its launch, flyers are being treated to paying for any and every seat that they want to reserve during their web check-ins.

The case today is that a seat at the back of a plane could cost you an additional Rs 150 to Rs 200 if you reserve it during a web check-in.

Earlier, airlines were charging extra if a customer preferred special seats like the first row or seats next to emergency exit as they offered greater legroom in the cramped economy class. However, with the passage of time, airlines have now started charging for any seat, be it a window, aisle or a middle row seat if reserved online.

You could easily end up paying at least 40% more of the cost of your return journey just so that you get the seat of your choice. Seat selection with extra legroom on certain airlines have charges going up to Rs 1200 extra per seat.

For bulkhead seats or seats behind a dividing walls/curtains between cabins on Jet Airways costs up to Rs 749 extra.
04/07/17 ZeeBiz