Sunday, July 16, 2017

DGCA scare has residents flustered

Mumbai: Residents of 70 structures in the vicinity of the city airport who have received demolition notices from aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) as they are an obstacle to the flight path, are a worried lot. The DGCA has demanded that everything be demolished, ranging from overhead water tanks, mobile phone antennas, poles, hoardings and grills to parts of the structures themselves within the next one month.

These structures comprise private residences, offices, a temple atop Gilbert Hill, several mosques (some partly), a hospital, two malls, a public toilet and a pedestrian overbridge are located across Santacruz, Vile Parle, Andheri, Kurla and Ghatkopar.

Many of the affected, especially in Vile Parle (East), are senior citizens, some living alone in modest two-storied buildings for the last 50 years, have been left puzzled by the DGCA notices issued on June 8, giving them a 60-day window to get rid of the obstructing portions.

This list of obstacles includes not just relatively new buildings but quite a few two-storey structures built over 50 years ago, notices issued by the DGCA reveal. Most of the old buildings have copies of height clearance certificates issued by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) since 1978. The newer and taller buildings will have more height to be reduced. Another 45 buildings, which possess valid NoCs for height, will also be served notices as it has now emerged these were fraudulently issued by certain AAI officials.
16/07/17 Aditya Anand/The Hindu