Sunday, July 16, 2017

Finding feathers: India's regional flight puzzle

The government wants India to fly high. Consider the developments that have taken place in the realm of civil aviation, from the rollout of the 0/20 Rule to the latest divestment plans for Air India.

And then there’s UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik), a one-of-a-kind scheme, seeking to provide connectivity to unserved and underserved airports of India through the revival of existing air strips and airports.

As the acronym suggests, UDAN is a regional connectivity scheme (RCS) which aims to give wings to as many Indians as possible, ‘uplifting’ small towns in the literal sense of the term. It aims to increase ticketing volumes to 300 million from 80 million, a 3.75 times growth by 2022, and specifically develop the regional airline segment, as India makes its way to become the third largest aviation market by 2020.

“India’s domestic aviation market grew at over 20.3% during 2015. Drop in ATF prices, increase in arrival of tourists, and visa reforms, have placed India in a unique position, bringing the country closer to achieving its vision of becoming the largest aviation market by 2030,” reflects Aerosource India Managing Director Vinod Singel.
16/07/17 Hrithik Kiran Bagade/Deccan Herald