Monday, July 10, 2017

Good news for flyers, airlines ticket prices to fall as new rules in Delhi get nod

New Delhi: In big relief for air passengers and more so for frequent flyers, airfares are likely to drop in the coming days along with aircraft landing and parking fees too. The User Development Fee (UDF) has been reduced by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for passengers on both domestic and international flights from Delhi. As per a Live Mint report, passengers will be charged just  Rs 10 as UDF for domestic flights like Delhi-Mumbai from Rs 578 which was charged previously. For international flights like  Delhi-New York , rates will dip from a whopping Rs1,335 per ticket to Rs 45, the regulator said in its order. Till now,  both passengers departing and arriving at the airport had to pay UDF, but now only those who are departing will have to pay.
New tariffs, have been pending implementation since last few years since the Delhi airport operator had gone to the courts in protest against proposed tariff revisions. National carrier Air India had challenged this in the Supreme Court. On July 3, the court vacated a stay granted by the Delhi high court, allowing the revised tariffs to commence.
09/07/17 Financial Express