Saturday, July 08, 2017

‘India still edgy about in-flight Wi-Fi’

Civil Aviation Secretary R.N. Choubey said on Friday India was the only country other than North Korea to not allow Wi-Fi facility in aircraft, while hitting out at security agencies for being "unidimensional."

"India is perhaps the only country other than North Korea, which do not allow in-flight Wi-Fi services. Even international airlines flying over India have to switch off Wi-Fi when they travel over India…security agencies are still not convinced," he said.

He said that cost of security was bleeding the airport operators financially. Mr. Choubey said, the Indian Air Force controlled two-thirds of Delhi's airspace, causing flights to hover above for long, which led to the wastage of fuel and escalated airfare, and that “civil aviation needs to be harmonised with the IAF”. He was speaking at a seminar on international aviation security organised by National Security Guard (NSG).
07/07/17 Vijaita Singh/The Hindu