Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jewar Airport: Cleared for take-off

With the government giving the nod for a greenfield airport at Jewar in Greater Noida, UP, the enormous strain on IGI Airport in Delhi will lessen. However, considerable groundwork—starting from acquiring land, inviting bids, short-listing suitable bidders and awarding contracts without favouring any contenders—will have to be completed before the project moves forward. The preparatory work before bidding begins could itself take at least five years, according to a source linked to one of the interested bidders. But the good news is that the first step has been taken. The project had faced many ups and downs with the plan being conceived in 2001 by the Rajnath Singh-BJP government in UP. Then the Mayawati and SP governments tried to revive the project but faced hurdles.

This Public-Private Partnership (PPP) will be undertaken by Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority and is some 72 km from IGI. It is expected to handle 30-50 million passengers per year and will take the load off IGI airport which currently handles nearly 62 million passengers every year. This is expected to go up to 109.33 million passengers by 2024. Therefore, another airport close by will come as a breather. It will also give a fillip to Prime Minister Modi government’s Udan scheme of regional connectivity. With domestic air traffic growing at around 20 percent (from January 2016 till February 2017) as compared to growth after 2011 which was 9 percent, aviation in India looks bright. Already, May saw domestic passengers crossing the one crore mark.
25/07/17 India Legal