Friday, July 07, 2017

Nashik eagerly awaits entry on air map after seven years

Nashik: The people of Nashik, which lies around 210 km from Pune, are excited about the start of commercial flights from September, but want greater air-connectivity.
However, minister of state for civil aviation Jayant Sinha recently said that the development of an airport is mainly demand-driven. He was asked about future plans for the development of Nashik airport, other than implementing the regional connectivity scheme (RCS).Sinha, who was in the city, said, "The development of any airport is market and demandh driven. If we find that there is a genuine demand, the airport will be developed based on feasibility studies."
An official at Pune airport said it was purely a profit-and-loss game. "The development of an airport requires a lot of money to be pumped in. For example, more than Rs 400 crore is being used for the expansion of Pune airport. So, if at all the Centre looks to developing Nashik airport, it will do a feasibility study , followed by several discussions with stakeholders," an official said.
06/07/17 Tushar Pawar & Joy Sengupta/Times of India