Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pune airport display board still flashes Bengaluru as Bangalore

Pune: Bengaluru is still Bangalore at the Pune airport display board even as the capital of Karnataka got its new name in 2014.
At a time when the Pune airport is boasting of its new flight display screens it got as part of the Airports Authority India's (AAI) ambitious project Disha, passengers are complaining about the display boards sometime flashing wrong information or not updating names of cities that have already been rechristened.
On Wednesday, a passenger posted a photograph on the social media that showed the board displaying Bengaluru as Bangalore. "Bengaluru still remains to be Bangalore at Pune Airport. What's the use of renaming it," wrote the passenger, Isar Qureshi. He had also tagged the civil aviation ministry and the PMO while sharing the photograph.
As the matter was brought to the Pune airport authorities' notice, they were prompt to respond. "We will be looking into the issue," a senior official said on the social media platform.
22/07/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India