Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Revamp of national carrier: Air India to retrain chefs, bring in sommeliers

New Delhi: A sommelier to help select wines from Italy, Switzerland and France, mocktails instead of orange juice for non-drinkers, and ‘retraining’ chefs at its 28 catering stations abroad. These are part of Air India’s plan to revamp its business/first class menu for the upcoming winter season. The chefs at the international centres will be called back and ‘re-trained’ because the national carrier discovered through a study that their cooking had lost the ‘Indian flavour’.

Air India spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar confirmed that AI’s food menu is being revamped for the winter season.
Sources told The Indian Express that a study was recently conducted by Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani. A committee was formed to review the quality of India cuisine being served to passengers, traveling to and from India. “The committee reviewed it for over a month and found that most chefs hired by them had been sent to foreign stations in 28 countries around a decade ago. But their food had lost the ‘authentic Indian flavour’ — a sentiment echoed by several passengers on international flights,” sources said.
25/07/17 Mahender Singh Manral/Indian Express