Sunday, July 23, 2017

Russia-India talks on buying new generation MiG-35s

Moscow: As the new generation Mig-35 fighter, touted as being superior to the US F-35, made its public debut at the MAKS Aerospace Exhibition, its Russian makers say talks are on with India for buying the jet.
In the partially cloudy sky at the Zhukovsky airport, the 4++ generation jet roared through its routine, keenly wathched for the first time by hundreds of spectators.

Ilya S. Tarasenko, Director General of JSC Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" (JSC RAC "MiG") said on the sidelines of the airshow that the new jet is "better" than the 5th generation Lockheed-Martin F-35 which made its public debut at the recent Paris Airshow, adding it could easily take on its rival in a dogfight.

To a question on whether India has expressed interest in the jet, he said: "Of course they have."

"After having presented the MiG-35 in January we began to actively promote it in India and in the world. We are proposing supply of the aircraft for tenders in India and we will actively work with the air force in order to win the tender," Tarasenko said.
23/07/17 IANS/Business Standard