Saturday, July 01, 2017

Two more airport officers held for aiding traffickers

Mumbai: The Sahar police probing a human trafficking racket at the Mumbai airport have found that at least 25 people flew to Canada and the US with fake/forged passports in the last two years, thanks to immigration officers.
In the past one week, police arrested two more immigration officers in the case, taking the number of such officers in custody to four.
Police have so far arrested eight agents and a woman flyer and are hunting for the kingpin, Pappu Shaikh (50), and four other suspects.
The racket was busted in May after a flyer, Komal Damgar, was caught with fake identity proof and passport when she reached Canada. "Damgar was deported the very next day. She revealed the nexus between the traffickers and immigration officers. Her arrest helped in nabbing three agents—Gaurav Singh, Mukadam Ali and Mushtak Kapde—who revealed the role of two officers—Harshad Patil and Anil Surase. The two officers were arrested on June 10," said investigators.
01/07/17 Times of India