Saturday, July 01, 2017

Vizag airport brawl: J C Diwakar Reddy confesses taking Gajapathi Raju’s help

National Media especially the TRP toppers are giving their best to expose Telugu Desham Party Member of Parliament J C Diwakar Reddy who is yet again in news for his airport brawl. While Times Now exposed Reddy’s scuffle with Indigo officials at Vishakhapatnam airport, after a fortnight, Republic TV conducted a sting operation where the MP spilled beans that Civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju had helped him get the boarding pass. As per the video clip, Reddy admits on camera that the minister intervened. He is seen repeatedly saying that the civil aviation minister told the station manager, “see his problem. That’s all. He never said get him the boarding pass” It may be recalled that Raju in his tweet said, “I will get the entire incident at Vizag Airport enquired into to find out the exact details and ensure that lawful outcomes follow” Owner of Diwakar travels not only refused to apologise but also questioned “why should I apologise? I’m a human being. I was in a hurry”. TDP MP admitted that he wanted to throw a printer as he was “emotional”. Reddy had several excuses for the incident and said that, “My conscience doesn’t believe I’m a culprit”
01/07/17 Telegu360