Monday, July 24, 2017

Women conceal 4 kg gold in undergarments, held by customs

Mumbai Customs' Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) arrested two foreign national female passengers for allegedly smuggling 4 kg gold worth Rs 1.20 crore in their undergarments to avoid customs. Officials also arrested a local who was waiting outside airport to receive the gold.

The passengers, Malaysian national Santaletchmi Superamaniam, 41, and Singaporean national Magisvary Jairaman, 59, arrived from Singapore on Saturday and were intercepted by officers over suspicious behaviour. A body search unearthed gold chains and bracelets hidden in their undergarments. Interrogations revealed that the duo were to receive 500 Singaporean dollars on successful delivery.

"Interrogation of the Mumbai-based receiver who was waiting for them at the airport revealed that he works for a jeweller in Zaveri Bazaar. His job is to receive passengers coming from abroad with smuggled gold and give it to the main handler/owner," an AIU official said. Officials believe that with the arrest of these three persons they have a lead to a major high profile gold smuggling racket being run from Mumbai.
24/07/17 Vallabh Ozarkar/DNA