Friday, August 04, 2017

Airline denies vegan food, rises hackles of animal activist

Mumbai: A Chembur-based animal rights activist who was denied a vegan meal on board a Jet Airways flight, and ended up travelling on empty stomach for over 10 hours, has written to the Jet Airways management, questioning their decision to withdraw serving vegan food without any notice to its travel agents or customers.
Siva, who travels to Delhi regularly for official purpose alleged that incidentally while he was served a vegan meal on July 21 by the same airline, on July 28 on his Mumbai-bound flight from Delhi he was informed by the cabin staff that they had discontinued the option.

"Being in a series of meetings on July 28, I could not eat anything post 2 pm till I reached the Delhi airport, and since my flight was at 7.45 pm I decided to eat onboard itself. However after the flight took off I was in for a surprise as I was told that there was no vegan meal but only vegetarian and non vegetarian meal options available, and clearly the vegetarian meal was not suitable for vegans," he said.
He further alleged that his official tickets were booked by a leading travel management company and they had confirmed to him on email that Jet Airways had issued no circular or intimation on this change in policy, and even enquiries with ClearTrip confirmed the same. "This is a serious issue concerning personal choices, health safety and principles, and to make such a broad policy change without advance intimation is unethical and cruel," Siva wrote in his letter. He also wrote that since he was forced to skip meals onboard, it was only post midnight that he ate after reaching home and ended up with serious acidity causing discomfort, health and productivity lapses.
04/08/17 Virat A Singh/Shahkar Abidi/DNA