Tuesday, August 01, 2017

ATF price hiked by Rs 1097/KL

New Delhi: Aviation turbine fuel (ATF) price was hiked by Rs 1097 per kilolitre on Tuesday while the rate of non-subsidised cooking gas (LPG) has been cut by Rs 40 per cylinder in line with international trends.

Price of jet fuel or ATF was hiked by Rs 1097 per kilolitre to Rs 48,110 per kl with effect from August 01, oil companies said.

Price of non-subsidised LPG, bought by those who have either given up their subsidies or exhausted the quota of 12 bottles of 14.2-kg in a year at below market price, was cut to Rs 524 per 14.2-kg cylinder from Rs 564.
01/08/17 Zee News