Wednesday, August 23, 2017

India begins search for 234 new naval helicopters

The Government of India has begun the process of procuring 234 new naval helicopters, of which 123 will be anti-submarine warfare (ASW)-capable multi-role helicopters and 111 twin-engine utility helicopters.

The Times of India reports that the program, which will be implemented under the “Strategic Partnership” policy of India’s Ministry of Defence, will be worth more than $5 billion U.S.

Under the Strategic Partnership directive, the winning original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will deliver the helicopters in collaboration with a defence industry partner from India’s private sector. New Delhi’s main objective is to see upwards of 70% of the sourcing be done domestically.

According to the Times of India, OEMs are expected to submit responses to New Delhi’s call by October, at which point OEMs will receive request for proposals (RFP) from India outlining specific technical as well as commercial requirements surrounding each (or in some cases both) helicopter programs.
23/08/17 Bilal Khan/Quwa