Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Pawan Hans Helicopter Crash: 'Disoriented' Pilot Could Not See Horizon, Says Report

New Delhi: A Pawan Hans pilot had lost his sense of direction before his chopper crashed near an oil rig at Bombay High two years ago, according to a probe report made public today.

A Dauphin AS365 helicopter operated by Pawan Hans was on standby duty as a night ambulance at Bombay High on November 4, 2015, when the crash took place. There were two pilots onboard and both were killed in the accident, which completely destroyed the chopper.

The pilot's disorientation was triggered by lack of ambient light as there was no other rig in the vicinity and he was flying during dark phase of the moon. As a result, he could not see the horizon and know his direction. This is also known as black hole phenomenon.

Pawan Hans had sought permission from ONGC for night- training for one of the pilots on the same night. During this training flight as the pilot was approaching an oil platform he lost his sense of direction and crashed into the sea.
03/08/17 PTI/NDTV