Sunday, August 13, 2017

Rs 5000 fine for wrong parking, dumping garbage at airport

Airport Authority of India has come out with strict fines to ensure cleanliness and orderliness at the Maharana Pratap airport in Udaipur. Existing fines will be increased upto 250 times from 15-Aug to ensure that people do not get away with wrong doings at airport premise.

Kuldeep Singh, Director, Maharana Pratap airport informed that people who come to either pick-up or drop passengers at the airport spread garbage at the airport. Further, despite earmarking of parking spaces for car, bikes and scooters, people bring their vehicles right outside the arrival and departure gates creating a nuisance for passengers going in or coming out of the airport. CISF personnel have to do a lot of work in clearing people away from the no-parking zones.

To overcome all this, a very strict fine structure will be enforced from 15-Aug onwards.
12/08/17 PTI/Udaipur Times