Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Vijayawada Airport: Baggage scanners halt for some time

Vijayawada: A technical glitch stalled the functioning of baggage scanners for half-an-hour at the Vijayawada airport on Monday, leading to inconvenience to the passengers bound to Hyderabad in the morning flight. The security personnel then told the passengers to get their baggage checked manually and this led to some embarassing moments to the women passengers.

“So the passengers have been asked to send the hand baggage directly through the luggage counters of the respective airlines,” said a women passenger, prior to her boarding the Hyderabad-bound flight. “The security angle has been completely ignored,” she said and added that the passengers are worried.

A senior officer of Vijayawada airport clarified that the fault has been rectified by the site engineer and technical manager in less than an hour. The airport has two hand baggage scanners and two luggage scanners. In fact, the Vijayawada airport has 34 flights operating from it everyday, both incoming and outgoing. At present, only three operators are operating their flights from Vijayawada airport.
22/08/17 Deccan Chronicle