Friday, September 22, 2017

Flying over Bay of Bengal to be safer as AAI to bifurcate oceanic for better monitoring of aircraft

Chennai: Flying over the Bay of Bengal is going to be safer as Airports Authority of India (AAI) is planning to bifurcate airspace over the ocean for better monitoring of planes that fly in the area where several international and domestic routes crisscross.
The move is planned because the airspace that is spread over the ocean between Chennai and Port Blair is 1,200miles long and is a vital link for flights connecting south East Asia to the Middle East and Europe. More than 340 international flights fly daily along 26 international routes that crisscross domestic routes.
"The airspace will be vertically bifurcated and a separate team of air traffic controllers will monitor the two sections so that there is efficient monitoring," said Pradeep Kandoth, general manager air traffic management, Chennai, while talking on oceanic air traffic management at a function organised by Public Relations Society of India on Friday.
He said the bifurcation which would come into force in a few months would reduce the workload of the controllers and also would help minimise air traffic control incidents over the ocean.
22/09/17 Times of India