Thursday, September 21, 2017

GoAir’s flight late by 4 hrs for Mum runway closure

Pune: A total of 178 passengers travelling to Bengaluru on a GoAir flight from the city encountered a tough time on Wednesday evening with the plane getting delayed by over four hours because of cascading effect of heavy rain across the state.
With heavy rain lashing Mumbai, a total of 108 flights were cancelled and 51 were diverted from the state capital after a SpiceJet flight overshot the main runway and got stuck in the mud. GoAir officials cited these as reasons for the flight delay.
The passengers claimed that the airline officials did not inform them about the delay until late and only reacted after some of them had a heated argument with the ground staffers at the airport.
"The flight was scheduled to take off from Pune at 6.40pm. I reached the airport by 4.35pm and got inside as the rain was not stopping. They (airline officials) kept on saying that the boarding would begin soon. But after 7.30pm, many passengers lost patience and surrounded a GoAir counter to get answers. We were then told that the flight had not even arrived. I don't understand why airlines tend to hide things? They should inform people immediately," a passenger told TOI, requesting anonymity.
"The Pune airport needs to do something better when it comes to its waiting areas. Many flights take off in the evening. Once a flight gets delayed, there is a chaos. I saw many passengers cursing and abusing as they were stressed out. It is utterly frustrating to keep on sitting at the airport with nothing to do. Everyone, including me, was frustrated," he said.
Another passenger, identified as Jamshed Wadia, ranted on Twitter, "Very poor service. All airlines flying, except GoAir."
20/091/7 Joy Sengupta/Times of India