Saturday, March 11, 2006

CPI(M) for scan of Jet-Sahara deal

New Delhi : The CPI(M) today demanded an inquiry into the Jet-Sahara merger, questioning the provision to award Sahara’s entitlements to the Jet Airways.
The party would oppose the deal and raise it at all appropriate forums, CPI(M) MP Nilotpal Basu said in a press briefing today. Entitlements to airport infrastructure were awarded to an entity, but if the entity (Sahara) ceased to exist, entitlements couldn’t be transferred, Basu told Business Standard later.
He added that Indian Airlines had also written to the government expressing reservations about the deal. The party also wanted an inquiry as to how Jet Airways got the money to effect a merger with Sahara, said Basu.
The party also had apprehensions about the employees' interest as a result of the deal, he said. “There are many other aspects of the deal, which need to be looked into,” Basu said.
11/03/06 Business Standard