Monday, April 17, 2006

47 airline bilaterals remain unused

Mumbai: About 47 of the 101 airline bilateral agreements signed between India and other countries are un-utilised, according to data available with the ministry of civil aviation. Of the 54 operational bilaterals, carriers from both countries are offering services only in 26 cases. A severe dearth of flights, coupled with unviable locations in some cases, is cited as the reason for a number of bilateral pacts lying unused.
"We do not operate flights to countries where the traffic is not significant. Instead, Air-India operates through code sharing agreements with carriers operating in those countries,” says an Air-India spokesperson.
Indian carriers operate only to 29 countries with which agreements have been signed. In 20 cases, carriers of other countries operate to India without Indian carriers operating in those countries. These include important markets like Australia, Italy and Russia.
17/04/06 Sagar Malviya & Neelasri Barman/Financial Express