Sunday, April 02, 2006

AI flight 137: Third time, Same Plane

Mumbai: On Saturday morning, Air-India flight AI-137 on the Delhi-Frankfurt-Los Angeles route was recalled to Mumbai after tyre fragments were found on the runway in Delhi after it had taken off.
A-I had leased the 13-year-old Boeing 747-400 combi bearing registration VT-AIM from Ireland-based Constitution Aircraft Leasing Ltd less than a year ago.
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Saturday’s incident marks its third precautionary landing in four months. The same aircraft suffered a similar problem on March 13 due to a decapped tyre, and on December 19, 2005, it made an emergency landing at the Los Angeles International Airport due to a tyre burst.
On Saturday morning, after AI-137 took off at 10.50 am, Delhi airport officials found tyre remnants on the runway, and alerted Air India, which then ordered the flight —which was somewhere over Pakistani airspace—to Mumbai.
Although the crew executed a safe landing on Saturday, emergency machinery was pressed into service at the airport, and the plane was taken to a remote bay where passengers alighted. 02/04/06 Lekha Agarwal/Mumbai Newsline