Saturday, April 22, 2006

'Gear up for massive Airbus-380'

New Delhi: The new airports being developed at Delhi and Mumbai will have to gear up for a new challenge that is staring Indian aviation in its face.
Some international airlines are planning to bring the gigantic A-380 to India by the end of this year or early 2007.
The warning to gear up came from Union civil aviation secretary Ajay Prasad recently, when he said that airports needed parking bays and boarding bridges built specially for the A-380.
The Delhi airport’s main runway is 45-metre-wide and 3,810-metre-long and belongs to E category. "The runway’s length is fine but it needs to be 60-metre-wide. There is over 15 metres of green area on both sides of the runway and landing or taking off from here with some minor changes should not be a problem," said sources.
Taxiways need to be widened by 15 metres on both sides. New passenger terminal building would be required as the A-380 is a double-decker throughout, with doors on both levels. So two-level aerobridges would be required.
21/04/06 Times of India