Friday, April 14, 2006

Ramco Systems launches Aviation & MRO Software

Ramco Systems Ltd has launched the immediate availability of its software designed specifically for low cost and start up Airlines. Developed and delivered on the company`s virtual works platform, the company`s Aviation & MRO Software is purely web and component centric, satisfying true business process alignment.
For start-up & low cost airlines, optimum functionality and satisfying regulatory requirements is compulsory, while effectively managing the ongoing costs is vital to continued performance, growth & viability.
The company`s Aviation & MRO Software is bundled with the scaled methodology for rapid implementation, enabling `Best and Next Business Practices` for maintenance and engineering and MRO Software requirements. The software also creates, incorporates and maintains any new business processes that help airlines change, adapt and run more efficiently.
The Aviation & MRO Software is also available through its global partner Sabre Airline Solutions, who has very recently signed contracts with JeJu Air Co. in Seoul, South Korea for the company`s Aviation & MRO Suite.