Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Singapore Airlines announces 'Sweet Deal' for Bangalore

Chennai/ Bangalore: Singapore Airlines has announced a ‘Sweet Deal’ of Rs 11,099 (Rs 4,999 plus taxesosurcharge of Rs 6,100) to Singapore ex-Bangalore. The company said, that this offer is a 70 per cent discount on present lowest economy return fare to Singapore ex-Bangalore by Singapore Airlines.
This ‘Sweet Deal’ offer is on sale over a two-week period from April 17 to April 29 and for travel out of Bangalore from April 17 till May 31, 2006. Passengers can make the purchases through their travel agents, Singapore Airlines or online through its website Outbound travel is restricted to travel on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday flights only, while the return can be made on any flight as per the availability.
Singapore Airlines, which started operations to Chennai in 1972, operates 47 weekly flights to eight destinations in India.
19/04/06 Business Standard