Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jagson goes head hunting in Jet, Sahara

New Delhi: The fight for talent in the Indian skies is intensifying with the entry of new players in the market. Jagson Airlines, the latest kid on the budget airline block, has appointed senior officials from rival carriers - Jet and Air Sahara - in its core management team that's preparing the flight path for its relaunch as a low cost airline.
The Airline has appointed Steven Jagannathan, an expatriate who helped establish Jet Airways' engineering systems in India, as the head of engineering. Also Air Sahara's marketing man Kaustab Dhar has been appointed as the head of sales and marketing. Jagson has also appointed Capt B Peterson, an airline industry veteran, as its head of operations.
With the team in place, the airline is preparing to take off in the budget airline market this July, a month behind its originally planned schedule.
23/05/06 Byas Anand/Times of India