Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Neither here, nor there; Sahara crew suspended in mid-air

New Delhi: Moving from one employer to another is easier said than done for Air Sahara's crew, who are all dressed up in Jet Airways' colours but do not know where to go.
With Jet's takeover of Air Sahara hitting a security roadblock, employees are a bit confused about what would happen if the deal falls apart.
Employees of Air Sahara, especially the crew members, are all set to fly with Jet on the Amritsar-London sector after having undergone training by the new employer in Mumbai.
Even the new uniforms for Air Sahara's employees have been prepared and delivered to them.
But the "environment is absolutely normal in offices... Jet Airways is fully in control of Air Sahara's offices and their (Jet's) policies are being implemented," employees said.
20/06/06 PTI/The Hindu