Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Low-cost carriers wait in the wings

Mumbai: Half-a-dozen lowcost airlines will be launching services soon. Six out of the 12 airlines that sought permission to launch operations in the last year, need a final nod from civil aviation minister.
Officials say the six airlines that need the minister’s nod are Mukti Airways, Mega Airways, Magic Airlines, Air Dravid, Air One Feeder and Sky King Airways. Others in the pipeline, awaiting clearance from AAC, include King Airways, Star Aviation, Aryan Airways, Jagson Airways and Premier Airline.
Mega Airways is promoted by Kolkata-based real estate businessman Rajkumar Gupta; the airline will be flying to northeastern states. Ahmedabad-based Mukti Airways will be starting operations with five ATRs to fly to Goa, Mumbai and Aurangabad. Air One plans to start operations with the 50-seater Embraer jets.
06/09/06 Manju V/Times of India