Sunday, October 15, 2006

Air India flight hit by bird, grounded at Heathrow

Mumbai: An Air India flight with 434 passengers has been grounded for three days at London's Heathrow Airport after it was hit by a bird, Air India sources said here today.
The aircraft has been grounded at Heathrow since Thursday, the sources said.
The Boeing 747-400 was grounded due to heavy ingestion in one of its engines after it was hit by the bird, the sources said.
Immediately after the incident, flight AI-112 returned to Heathrow, they said.
Another aircraft was rushed to London yesterday with a replacement engine and the damaged engine is being changed, an airline spokesperson told a news agency.
"Ninety six passengers have been transferred to the relief aircraft that has reached New Delhi via Ahmedabad. The remaining 338 passengers have been accommodated at various hotels near Heathrow Airport," the spokesperson said.
14/10/06 Zee News