Saturday, October 21, 2006

Deportees at Islamabad Airport: Indians or Pakistanis?

Islamabad: Forty-two persons who were deported from Spain on account of over staying and other minor crimes have arrived here on a special plane on Thursday morning. However It has been told that out of 42 persons, 41 belong from India.
The nationalities of the deportees is still yet to be confirmed by FIA.
Only one person is said to be a Pakistani. His name is Naseer Ahmed. The rest say that they are Indians. The Pakistani belongs from Peshawar and Pakistan has accepted him.
The Pakistani has been formally given permission of entry while the remaining are under investigation and stopped at the airport.
Pakistani officials are considering to send them back to to India or Spain, however talks are underway with the Spanish officials in this regard.
The Spanish officials were of the view that all 42 are Pakistanis as they have presented their documents and it proves that they are all Pakistanis. While on the other hand, Pakistani officials claim that the documents are all fake and they have no link with Pakistan.
20/10/06, Pakistan