Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Indian call center workers face Aussie ire

Melbourne: Unpleasant publicity following Australian companies plans to offshore jobs to India has led Indians working in Australia-based call centres to face a tough time.
"We are facing lot of problems being Indian following recent offshoring of jobs to India as decided by few Australian companies," said Harmeet, a call centre worker in Melbourne.
"Australian customers get very angry the moment they hear an Indian accent without knowing the origin of the call," she said, adding "they sometimes hang up saying we don't want to talk to someone from India. They abuse and tell us we have eaten up their jobs."
Indian call center workers face Aussie ire
Recently a media report said while ANZ planned to retain all its Australian call centres amid public concern about banks sending operations offshore, Qantas announced axing 300 IT jobs in Australia and offshoring to India.
The airlines said it was impossible to find enough high-tech expertise in Australia to carry out computer systems maintenance and shortlisted two Indian companies to take over the work.
25/10/06 PTI/Financial Express