Thursday, October 19, 2006

Korean Air to continue paying commissions on fuel surcharge, taxes

Seoul: Korean Air will continue to pay commissions on fuel surcharge to agents. According to Elroy Lobo, manager (Passenger Sales), Korean Air, while Korean Air flights are priced a little higher than its competition, its fuel surcharge component is commissionable while that of its competition is not.
Apart from this, the airline will also drive inbound tourism to Korea from India. It sees potential in converting the scores of Indians who travel to Korea to conduct business. The opportunity of convincing Indian tourists and business travellers flying to the American west coast via Korea is also a market that the airline will consider.
A series of major trade agreements are expected to be signed between the Indian and the Korean governments that should lead to an increase in traffic and perhaps an increase in bilaterals, allowing Korean Air to add more capacity. Indians also like to fly to America's west coast including San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago as well as Canada via Korea and a direct flight from Korea to Las Vegas was also recently launched, Lobo adds.
18/10/06 Express TravelWorld