Saturday, October 07, 2006

Red Army member faces Life for hijacking JAL flight over India

Prosecutors demanded life imprisonment Friday for a former Japanese Red Army member accused of hijacking a Japan Airlines plane in 1977.
Jun Nishikawa, 56, has been charged with violating the 1970 hijacking law designed to punish those who use violence or threats to forcibly take over aircraft in flight.
Nishikawa allegedly conspired with four other Japanese Red Army members to hijack a JAL DC-8 bound from Paris to Tokyo over India on Sept. 28, 1977.
Armed with guns and hand grenades, the hijackers forced the airliner to fly to Dhaka.
The Japanese government accepted the hijackers' demand for the release of four extremists and two convicts under detention in Japan plus $ 6 million in ransom for the hostages.
07/10/06 Kyodo News/The Japan Times, Japan