Sunday, October 22, 2006

'The Sikh Airline' planning code-sharing with leading Indian domestic airline

Bratislava is an unlikely birthplace for the world’s first Punjabi airline, but it makes sense to Harjinder Singh Sidhu, the Sikh businessman who has quietly amassed a fortune in London’s East End.
This month, Sidhu, 56, took control of ailing Air Slovakia, and will inject $30m (£16m) into it over the next three years to buy aircraft, develop new routes and promote it as the flag carrier of the world’s widely travelled Sikhs and Punjabis.
Sidhu argues that Britain’s 500,000 Sikhs and Punjabis will gladly make the detour to travel home via Slovakia if they can enjoy the comfort of Punjabi food, music and films and be served by Punjabi flight attendants.
He is planning new flights to Delhi, Goa and Ahmedabad in Gujarat, new European destinations and a code-sharing deal with a leading Indian domestic airline.
22/10/06 The Sunday Times, UK