Monday, November 20, 2006

Briton begs court to convict him

Mumbai: When Geoffrey William Whitcombe stood stoically in the witness box of a special narcotics court in Mumbai recently and spoke, it left even the most seasoned court officials stunned. "I am a true Christian," Whitcombe said softly but decidedly, "and I have committed a crime.
I do not wish to waste the time of this court. I don't need a trial. Punish me according to the law." A hush fell upon the courtroom, broken only by the judge asking the public prosecutor to explain to Whitcombe the implications of what he had said.
Policemen too were surprised by the Britisher's guts to own up his crime. Whitcombe was apprehended at Sahar international airport by Air Intelligence Unit sleuths on April 21, 2006. When asked during a baggage screening what the big packets in his suitcase were, he replied that they contained agarbattis.
They turned out to be 1,795 grams of hashish, and Whitcombe was bundled away to jail.
20/11/06 Kartikeya/Times of India
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