Thursday, December 28, 2006

Health data before you fly

New Delhi: Soon, it may become mandatory for a flight passenger to disclose his or her medical history to book a plane ticket. In fact, a passenger may also be required to be certified 'fit to fly' by a doctor if he or she had any adverse medical history.
A sharp rise in the number of passenger deaths on flights has alarmed the civil aviation industry in India, so much so that the Federation of Indian Airlines is now asking the Directorate General of Civil Aviation for enforcement of such a measure.
While the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is understood to be considering the issue, it however insists that the airlines cannot implement such a measure arbitrarily. All Airlines need to get prior approval of DGCA before implementing such norms.
Other people connected with the aviation sector, however, call such a measure "unjustified and impractical".
28/12/06 CNN-IBN