Thursday, December 14, 2006

Israelis warned not to go to Goa, India

Thousands of Israelis visiting the popular Indian resort of Goa, many of them freshly out of the army, have been urged to return home immediately amid warnings of an al-Qaida terrorist plot.
The security warning for all Israelis traveling in and around Goa was issued on Wednesday by the Foreign Ministry and the Counter-Terrorism Division of the National Security Council. The statement said the warning was based on intelligence information of a specific al-Qaida threat against tourists.
The Foreign Ministry's warning comes on the heels of a warning issued several weeks ago by Indian authorities, when word broke that al-Qaida was planning an attack on Goa over the holiday season.
After the warning initially surfaced, the airport in Goa was temporarily closed to prevent a terrorist hijacking; it has since reopened.
13/12/06 Simon Cohen & Jacob Slosberg/Jerusalem Post, Israel
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